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Comcast-Netflix dispute solution.

posted Jun 13, 2014, 7:50 AM by Robert Bruce Alexander
Simple, I'm canceling Verizon FiOS for Cox and I suggest everyone else do the same. It's not a boycott and it is certainly no call for government to get involved. Only an idiot believes that a bureaucrat in Washington D.C. could write a law about an industry that the geeks that actually run the industry couldn't go around or worse, use to their advantage.  

No, it is simply that my internet service provider (ISP) is unable to provide to me what they had promised.  They sold me download speed. I paid extra to have more download speed. I was free to choose the content. I just purchased the package they were selling and as it turns out it was a deception on what they knew they could not deliver.  Now, like a Company Computer Guy SNL skit, arrogantly argue about blame and accuse their customers of not understanding the internet.  Of course their customers don't understand the internet like they do but isn't that why the customers are not selling internet to them?  Sorry "Nick Burns," the sad fact is, Comcast & other ISPs do not understand commerce!

If I pay for connection speed I want that speed for everything that I choose.  If tomorrow all of my neighbors and I decide we really want to stream video from a piano bar in Uruguay I expect my internet service provider to do everything within reason to make sure my download speed is maintained.  I do not expect them to not deliver the speed I have already paid for until Uruguay also pays my ISP some interconnect fee.  I don't care if my ISP can get some content providers to pay to have content available as long as it's available when or if I want it.  

I suggest the industry become more transparent with publicly available benchmarks before tyrannical powers in government get more involved.  But bottom line, I want what I paid for, not excuses.